Another Great Deal This Shopping Season

Another Great Deal This Shopping Season

November 29th, 2018

A week ago today, many people were sifting through Black Friday ads while others were already out looking for great deals on goods and the lowest prices on gifts. There’s a chance that one of the best deals this shopping season may go unnoticed: the price of E85 and 88 octane fuel. During this busy driving stretch between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, why not treat yourself to a good deal on fuel prices while you drive around to the stores?

Both E85 and 88 octane are generally priced less than a gallon of regular unleaded, but later today, from 3-5 p.m. at the Winner Gas station, located on the corner of Snelling and County Road B in Roseville, those prices will be discounted even further.

During the two hour discount event, you will see 85 cents off per gallon of E85 and 30 cents off per gallon of E30. Higher blends of ethanol like E85 and E30 are designed for use in flex fuel vehicles (FFVs) only. FFVs use ethanol blends or gas interchangeably. Some Minnesotans driving FFVs  may not even know it because the feature often came standard on many makes and models of vehicles. In fact, there are 400,000 FFVs on Minnesota roads today, so be sure to check if your vehicle is capable of running on E85. To find out, look for a yellow fuel cap, a bumper badge, or use our FFV search function to see if your car is capable of using flex fuels.

If you don’t drive a FFV, don’t fret, there’s still a great deal available for you today, too: 15 cents off every gallon of 88 octane gasoline. 88 octane gasoline has been approved by the U.S. EPA for use in 2001 & newer gasoline vehicles.


When:   Thursday, November 29 from 3-5pm
: Winner Gas
2163 Snelling Ave N.
Roseville, MN 55113
What:   Fuel Discount
$0.85 off per gallon of E85
$0.30 off per gallon of E30
$0.15 off per gallon of 88 octane gasoline
Who:    Anyone looking for a good deal this shopping season!
Any driver of a flex fuel vehicle (FFV) or a driver of a 2001 or newer gasoline vehicle.
Note:    There is a 30-gal limit per vehicle at this event.