Twin Cities Auto Show bringing some green this (almost) spring

Twin Cities Auto Show bringing some green this (almost) spring

March 8th, 2019

This year’s Twin Cities Auto Show will take place March 9-17, 2019 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. For those of you interested in learning more about the exciting technology advancements in the auto industry, this year’s showcase will not disappoint! With more than 600 vehicles on the floor, you will find no shortage of information from some of the best in the industry.

One way to get the most out of a new vehicle is by exercising your choice to use cleaner-burning fuels. Ethanol is a renewable, plant-based fuel that has a higher octane and lower price tag. The use of ethanol reduces tailpipe emissions, something we should all appreciate.

Gasoline Choices – E15

For model year 2019 vehicles, like you’ll see throughout the Auto Show floor, 93% have been designed and built to use a 15% ethanol blend typically sold as an 88 Octane grade of gasoline. This fuel is found at more than 300 Minnesota gas stations.

Flex Fuel Vehicles

You’ll also want to keep your eye out for the new flex fuel vehicles on display. This means they can run on both gasoline and E85, a higher blend of ethanol. The appeal of a lower-cost and cleaner-burning fuel is growing fast throughout Minnesota, which led to an 18% increase in E85 sales state-wide in 2018.

Flip Your Lid

To find out if a vehicle can use E15 or is a flex fuel vehicle, look under the fuel lid door, where most vehicle display their fuel options. For some flex fuel vehicles you may also see a yellow gas cap or ring. You can also use this handy tool.

So, if you make your way to the Twin Cities Auto Show this year, sneak a peak under the fuel lid door of the car you can’t stop gawking at. If its ready for higher ethanol blends, you could put back a lot of green in your wallet and our environment.