Festival & County Fair Season is Here!

Festival & County Fair Season is Here!

August 20th, 2019

Minnesota has hundreds of art shows, festivals and county fairs every summer and fall. As you are exploring Minnesota or planning a family visit during weddings and family reunions, you may have a few extra hours to visit a local festival in a new town, and also fill up with a cleaner burning fuel. E85 is a renewable ethanol blend that can be used in flex fuel vehicles. It is cleaner burning than regular gasoline, which makes it a Clean Air Choice®. 88 Octane or E15 is another ethanol blend that can be used in all vehicles model 2001 or newer. There are over 400 stations that offer E85 and more than 300 that offer 88 octane in Minnesota. No matter where this summer takes you, you can find a nearby station offering these fuels here.

Vendors and artists travel throughout the Midwest to showcase creative ideas including repurposing “junk from grandma’s house” such as The Metalest Works or teaching attendees how to engage “good” bugs into your yard and garden. While nearly every Minnesotan has a fond fun memory of a sun filled day at the fair, county fairs are about more than just having fun, eating a corn dog and riding the Tilt-A-Whirl. Attendees young and old have the opportunity to showcase and exhibit projects and talents. These are opportunities for youth to begin learning to balance responsibilities with deadlines, showmanship, judging and showing off a passion or talent. Fair goers of all ages get a few minutes in the spotlight, but they need some above-average combination of inhibition and true skill. According to one fair facilities director “Contests and competitions celebrate what we do best as novices or avid professionals,” “Each one is a chance to educate and entertain fairgoers.”

A few exciting events close to fuel stations with ethanol blends include the 2019 Lakes Bluegrass Festival August 21-25 in Pine River, MN or the Stillwater Flea and Crafter Market on August 24-25 in Stillwater, MN where you can stop in at one of seven fuel stations close by! Fandazzi Fire Circus at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival even uses ethanol in their fire act as it burns cleaner with less soot and smoke! Or a personal favorite of this writer…anything with antiques! The Olmsted County Antique Show and Market on August 16, 2019 in Rochester, MN offered a perfect day to find that missing treasure.

Whichever festival or show you find yourself at this summer or fall, make a Clean Air Choice® and fill up with ethanol. Everyone will benefit!