Archery, Bigfoot, E85, Oh My!

Archery, Bigfoot, E85, Oh My!

July 20th, 2019

It’s safe to say we are in the dog days of summer now. With heat indexes topping 100 degrees and the sound of cicadas filling the air, late summer is moving in. Hopefully you’ve had an enjoyable few months this season and have made some time to get outside.

If you need a few more ideas for getting out into nature this summer or any time of the year, check out the Minnesota State Parks and Trails Events Calendar. You can find several events happening each day throughout the state geared for enthusiasts of all ages. Maybe you have a young one wanting to try their hand at archery or you want to learn more about species of birds in Minnesota during a birding walk. Or just maybe, you could be the one to finally spot Bigfoot at the Signs of Bigfoot event at Gooseberry Falls State Park! If you do, be sure to snap a picture (from a safe distance, please).

Whatever park or trail you decide to visit, be sure to fill up with E85 or 88 octane before you hit the road. There are over 400 stations that offer ethanol blends around the state, so finding a location along your route is easy. After you fill up and you visit a park you will find MN Park Staff flex fuel vehicles using E85! These vehicles are badged with decals or emblems indicating E85 capability.

Using E85 in your flex fuel vehicle for driving to parks just makes sense when you’re outside, enjoying the fresh air. Choosing E85 over regular gasoline can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ozone-forming pollutants, helping us breathe better and improve our air quality.

So, grab your boots and bug spray and take part in a state park or trail event near you. Be sure to stop by a selfie station at one of the scenic spots the Department of Natural Resources has made for your perfect picture, such as Split Rock Lighthouse that overlooks the cliffs on Lake Superior. And make sure to fill up on E85 or 88 octane along the way!