Feist Automotive and Towing

Feist Automotive and Towing

May 22nd, 2019

A lot has changed since 1981, including hairstyles and people’s view on ethanol. Ron Feist, owner of Feist Automotive and Towing in Golden Valley, has been on a mission to share the benefits of his ethanol blends with his customers. Ron has been in the automotive business for 38 years now and has been busier than ever as a Minnoco branded service station.

So Many Benefits

When Feist Automotive first started selling ethanol, people were a little hesitant about the fuel. You could find Ron out by the fuel pumps, assuring his customers they were making the right choice by trying out one of the appropriate ethanol blends for their vehicles. Since he’s added ethanol to his fuel choices, he’s seen a 20 percent increase in business.

When asked why he decided to sell ethanol, he had a list of reasons that is hard to argue. “It supports the Midwest industry, gives our customers a better price on fuel, creates less air pollution, it burns cleaner and raises the octane, so it helps performance and improves efficiency.” That’s why six of his 10 tow trucks run solely on E85. He also added that ethanol takes away the need to add isopropyl alcohol to gasoline since ethanol is an alcohol and does a great job cleaning up the engine.

Myth Busting

One common misconception people have about ethanol is that it damages your engine. When asked if he sees any mechanical issues relating to ethanol, Ron said he has had only one minor issue in the several thousand cars he has serviced over the years. He had a great piece of advice for switching from gasoline to an ethanol blend, “When you go from 87 octane, you need to be down to ¼ of a tank before switching to E85. The sensors need to sense the change in ethanol percentage.”

Doing the Math

To show his customers just how good of a deal they are getting at the pump, he filled up a 2017 Ford Explorer with different ethanol blends and did a mileage comparison with a tank of 87 octane. He found that a tank of E15 gave him the same gas mileage. He’s heard from some customers that they have actually gained a half-mile to one mile per gallon with E15.

Next, he tested out E30 and E85 and found he lost two and four miles per gallon, respectively. But even with the slight decrease in mileage, he did the math and found he still saved 17 cents per mile by using E85. So, to all the naysayers out there, here is proof that you will save money by switching to an ethanol blend.

Stop on By

If you are ever in the area, stop by Feist Automotive in Golden Valley, one of the several Minnoco stations in the Twin Cities. Ron Feist and his staff are a friendly bunch with eco and pocket friendly fuels!