Why I’m buying a flex fuel vehicle in 2019

Why I’m buying a flex fuel vehicle in 2019

January 10th, 2019

We need to buy a new vehicle in the New Year, and I’m seriously considering a flex fuel vehicle (FFV). A flex fuel vehicle is a car, truck, van, or SUV that can use E85 and other ethanol blends as well as gasoline. Ethanol fuels burn cleaner, produce less tailpipe emissions, and have a higher octane rating then regular unleaded. A quick guide to E85 can be found the flex fuel page.

In my search for a new vehicle I have three main considerations:

  1. Size
    I need enough space for my wife, our two sons, and a large uncoordinated dog. While I would prefer a car for FFV today’s market has dozens of options, including SUV’s, trucks, vans, and cross-overs. Fortunately, I have a lot of options.
  2. Ready for anything
    It snows a lot in Minnesota, so I prefer all-wheel or four-wheel drive. My family and I spend a great deal of time camping in Minnesota, and forest roads here can be a bit rough. We need a vehicle that is ready for everything.
  3. Better for our air
    Running an FFV on E85 instead of gasoline means a 25 percent or better reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and that means a lot to me and my family. For me, this is a game changer when comparing standard gasoline vehicles to ethanol capable models. For more on how FFVs are better for our air, see these posts on lifecycle assessments of E85 and the fuel’s greenhouse gas emissions.

When it comes to doing one’s part in reducing the effects of climate change and air quality issues, one of the biggest impacts is what we purchase and how often we purchase it. I for one will do my best and include flex fuel vehicles in my new car search. Are you looking at buying a new vehicle in 2019? Consider an FFV or if a flex fuel vehicle doesn’t fit your driving needs, you will find another cleaner fuel option in 88 octane gasoline that can be used in any 2001 or newer vehicle!