Several New Stations Offer Ethanol Blends in 2019

Several New Stations Offer Ethanol Blends in 2019

June 4th, 2019

It’s hard to believe we are almost halfway through 2019. As the warm weather shows up for the summer, we hope you have some enjoyable vacations or staycations planned. For those who will be hitting the road up to lake country or leaving the state, it is worth celebrating that you have more options for fueling up your tank this year.

Since January, fifteen Minnesota stations have added E15, E85 or other ethanol blends. Most of these stations are in central Minnesota and the metro area, convenient for your trips out of the cities. Two of the several stations include Interstate Cenex in Worthington, which is now offering E15, E20 and E30, as well as the Kwik Trip in Isanti, with both Unleaded 88 and E85.

New additions like this are the reason why Minnesota has the largest network of E85 stations in the nation and why E15 is the fastest growing fuel in the state. We are making great strides to reduce emissions from motorized vehicles-the #1 source of air pollution in our state. Today’s E85 produced from corn can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20-30%. That’s why it is considered a Clean Air Choice®.

You can do your part this summer by locating a station along your route and fill your tank with an ethanol blend that’s right for your vehicle.