Revisiting Highway 61 in the Fall

Revisiting Highway 61 in the Fall

September 26th, 2019

There are many routes drivers can use to enjoy the fall colors in Minnesota, but few are as scenic as the section of Highway 61 from Red Wing to La Crescent. The highway follows the path of the Mississippi River, and has many great scenic views along the way, including Frontenac and Great River Bluffs state parks. In most years, mid-October is the time of peak color along this route.

There are also plenty of stations along the way that offer locally-made ethanol blends to their customers. Red Wing has three stations that sell E85, and five that sell 88 octane (E15). Winona has three E85 stations and seven stations offering E15. Even smaller communities like Dakota and Lake City offer both types of ethanol blends.

Chances are, you already have a vehicle that can use one or both of these cleaner burning homegrown fuels. To find out more and to find a station on your route, visit

Be sure to make a pit stop at one of the bountiful apple orchards along the way. Pepin Heights Orchards in Lake City is a great choice if you’re in the apple picking mood or want to stop in the store for local gifts and baked goods. Southwind Orchards outside of Dakota offers dozens of apple varieties, along with a beautiful setting, perfect for weddings and small events.

Whether you like your apples freshly picked, on a stick with caramel, or baked in a pie, you can find all the local destinations at Minnesota Grown.

So, get out there and enjoy our state’s beautiful colors this fall, and make sure to fill up your vehicles and baskets with high quality, homegrown products.