Fuel Promotions Springing Up

Fuel Promotions Springing Up

June 2nd, 2019

Fuel promotion season is in full swing! Together, the American Lung Association and Minnesota Corn Growers Association have held seven fuel promotions across the metro and surrounding areas so far this spring.

The events offer a great opportunity for the public to come out and learn about the options they have at the pump. Whether you have a flex fuel vehicle or not, there is an ethanol blend right for you! Flex fuel vehicles are designed to run off E85 or other lower ethanol blends. Vehicles 2001 or newer can use E15. Any other vehicle or small engine can use E10, which contains 10% ethanol by law.

During the events, staff offer giveaway bags to those choosing an ethanol blends, as well as educate people about the benefits of choosing ethanol, which are:

Cleaner Burning

Reduces vehicle emissions
Lowers greenhouse gases


Ethanol is a biodegradable, high-octane fuel made from plant matter


The ethanol industry is a vital part of Minnesota’s economy

If you need any more of a reason to stop by an upcoming event, you can save a few bucks when you fill up with any ethanol blend E15 or higher. Discounts are offered on each fuel such as $0.85 off per gallon of E85 and $0.15 off per gallon of E15.

Stop by one of these promotions in June for great conversation and savings at the pump!

Interview with Brian Thalmann, President of Minnesota Corn Growers Association, and Carlie Koberstine, Specialist with the American Lung Association.

June 6th 11 am – 1 pm
Renville Cenex
612 E Park Avenue
Renville, MN 56284

June 21st 11 am – 1 pm
Redwood C-Store
1400 E Bridge Street
Redwood Falls, MN 56283

June 28th 5 – 7 pm
Chandler Co-op
1935 20th Street
Slayton, MN 56172