A Time for Thanks

A Time for Thanks

November 26th, 2019

As Thanksgiving approaches this week, it is a good reminder to think about the good fortunes we all have. Some years it is easier than others to list off all the high points rather than the less than ideal times. This year proved to be a challenge for farmers with unsettling weather and a hit to the ethanol demand due to increased oil refinery waivers. However, it’s also important to cherish the family, friends, and community we have who help us through the difficult times.

Thankful for snow?

It looks like the southern half of the state will be getting the first measurable snow fall of the season just in time for traveling to grandma’s house. With that in mind, please be careful on the roads. Be sure to check your tires and take your car in for any tune-ups that have been on your to-do list. It’s also a good idea to have a winter emergency kit in your car that has an ice scraper, jumper cables, flash light, blanket, and a first aid kit, just in case.

Thankful for Clean Air Choices

Another piece of advice some may not know about regards idling. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t necessary to idle or “warm up” your car for an extended length of time. The engine performance won’t be hindered and your car actually warms up faster when you are driving rather than sitting still. In fact, idling is very wasteful. Up to a gallon or more of fuel is used to idle every hour, which adds up quickly throughout the winter months. This creates an extra 20 pounds of greenhouse gases, not to mention emissions that are harmful to your health. And if, for some unfortunate reason, you end up with car trouble on your way to Thanksgiving and need to idle to stay warm, make sure to move any snow away from your tailpipe so you don’t risk carbon monoxide poisoning for you and your family.

One last piece of advice (we promise) is to choose ethanol blends when hitting the road for Turkey Day. You can use E85 and 88 octane gasoline year-round in Minnesota. Ethanol blends decrease tailpipe emissions, including especially harmful emissions that can build up in our air during the cold winter months. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post talking about the winter blends of fuel available. Find a station near you that offers ethanol!

Thanksgiving Trivia

And now for some Thanksgiving trivia to entertain everyone and keep the peace at the dinner table. The answers are below.

1) The first Thanksgiving lasted:
1. One day
2. Two days
3. Three days

2) Which Indian tribe taught the Pilgrims how to cultivate the land and were invited to the Thanksgiving meal?
1. Apache
2. Wampanoag
3. Cherokee

3) What utensil was not used by the Pilgrims to eat Thanksgiving dinner?
1. Knife
2. Fork
3. Spoon

4) A full grown turkey has about how many feathers?
1. A million
2. Too many to count!
3. 3,500

5) What state is the #1 turkey producer?
1. Nebraska
2. Minnesota
3. Iowa


1:Three Days; 2: Wampanoag; 3: Fork; 4: 3,500; 5: Minnesota, of course