A Nod To the Truckers

A Nod To the Truckers

September 10th, 2019

September 8-14 is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, so let’s take a moment to think about the people who deliver our food and our fuel. Many truckers do double duty as both driver and as loader/unloader. This is particularly true for beverage truck drivers, who keep the corner convenience stores stocked with water, pop and beer. Fuel truck drivers make sure there are ample supplies of ethanol, biodiesel and gasoline blends when and where we need them.

At many restaurants and grocery stores, professional drivers work in the predawn darkness, unloading food and supplies of every kind. Without the efforts of these hard-working men and women, many of the products and services we depend on every day wouldn’t be available.

Several of Minnesota’s ethanol plants have the equipment necessary for a tanker truck driver to pull in, load up on E85, and deliver it directly to retail stations, which reduces the price we pay at the pump. We can buy the E85 straight for use in our flex fuel vehicles or blended within the dispenser to give a little added boost to traditional gasoline and turn it into Unleaded 88. These drivers provide a key connection between the ethanol producers and Minnesota drivers.

And we can’t forget our farmers, grain elevator operators, and others who are moving the ingredients needed to produce cleaner fuels. They all deserve a week of appreciation.

For a cleaner-burning fuel that costs less and is available all across Minnesota, use the “Find a Station” feature here. And if you see a trucker while filling up with ethanol blends, tell them “thank you” for all their hard work.